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Strategic Sidelines

  • Designed, developed, and executed new brand initiatives for a community bank with numerous banking offices, a large church, a travel agency, several nonprofit organizations, and many others.
  • Identified new expansion opportunities for a Florida law firm resulting in the addition of a new office, increased marketing initiatives, and speaking engagements.
  • Researched, designed and developed a mentor program for the largest financial institution in Sydney Australia. Implemented the pilot program throughout the organization.
  • Served as an integration manager, merging seven Canadian financial service organizations, creating a new national company with over 4500 financial advisors. Established and managed the coordination of task forces that focused efforts on the evaluation of current processes and activities within each company and designed the ideal approaches. 
  • Implemented a diversity initiative for a national financial institution presenting the program to over 5000 executive and senior managers throughout their footprint.
  • Established a sales and business development culture for a Florida based community financial institution resulting in all departments of the organization embracing their responsibility that everyone is a marketer. Achieved an increase in new accounts and retention and expansion of the client base. Created strategic initiatives in marketing and communications, resulting in a new corporate image, brochures, orientation program, and Annual Report for the organization.
  • Designed and implemented workshops on leadership, presentation skills, communication skills, conflict resolution, personal image and brand and other topics for both managers and employees of a Florida based government entity delivering it to all 1300 employees as well as in school districts and other companies.
  • Created, implemented and executed a regional marketing campaign including training and seminar workshops targeted to the woman investor for a large Florida based financial institution. Presented the three-part series in thirty-three locations across the state to over 5000 women with a 97% retention rate for attendance to the workshops. Over 70 new client relationships totaling $21 million were established in three months.
  • Conducted one-on-one sales coaching for 400+ sales agents in a cable/internet communications company; increased sales by 8.9%, improved probing 11%; making recommendations 14% and overcoming objections 11%.
  • Featured on many local and national radio shows speaking on Business and Personal Image and Brand.
  • Kick off a chamber leadership program for the past six years with a presentation on communication styles, personal image, and brand, and conduct an introduction exercise.
  • Created a 64-hour train-the-trainer program on the topic of diversity; graduating 45 facilitators able to deliver the workshop throughout a Georgia international manufacturing company.
  • Implemented business process improvement methodology throughout a wealth management organization improving their effectiveness and efficiencies by 20%.