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Life is Wonderful... It is said that life is like a coin, we can spend it any way we want, but we can spend it only once. Join me as I explore this suggestion of life being like a coin! Read More

Creative Poise Coupled with Possibility Thinking Become a Possibility Thinker and use Creative Poise to face your challenges and you will find a new way of viewing them! Read More

CEO Bittmann-Neville Opens the Program
CEO Bittmann-Neville Opens the Program CEO Bittmann-Neville opened the program for Harvest Tuesday Live! This women's ministry enjoys 80+ women gathering for two semesters annually of study and friendships. Read More

What REALLY is Personal Image and Brand? Greetings everyone! The following blog has been posted this time of year since 2009. I think you will enjoy reading and learning from it. Read More

After Five...the Professional Image does not Stop but Keeps on Ticking…. So now with the holidays upon us and parties and other events lined up on the calendar, here are some tips for avoiding the embarrassment of showing up under or overdressed for the occasion. Read More

The Half Marathon Did I finish the half marathon? Join me as I talk about the experience! Read More

The Sunday Morning Run I Have Never Forgotten Twenty years ago this month, I ran my first half marathon and is the race I have never forgotten. Hear the story and when I am running another half this many years later... Read More

Leadership Team of Tuesday Live! These women are the leadership team for Tuesday Live!, the largest ministry of Harvest UMC. We will as a group, lead the semesters for the next two years. Read More

Portrait of a Leader INC. magazine conducted a survey in 2013 on the topic of leadership. Interestingly enough, the answers hold true today. Join me as we review the answers to the questions posed then and how they still resonate today. Read More

Your Mental Picture This month, let's do some exploring! A lack of self-confidence is one of the four common failure-producing factors, and you control it. Want to learn more, read on! Read More

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