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My Word for 2024!   Greetings!    In 2019, an idea was born about a New Year’s Resolution. It began when our church was designing a new communication venue, The Leaf magazine. The Leaf was the first tabletop magazine for the church as we contin... Read More

Marketing Materials Have a Loud Voice... The marketing materials you present to others shout, sing, whisper, and communicate in volumes. What sounds and tones do you present when you had someone your business card? Come and explore how to control your materials voice. Read More

Time of Change...Behaviors and Your Image and Brand Let's explore what behaviors may not be working in your best interest and enhancing your image and brand! Read More

Impression...Who is Managing Yours? It is true that the impression we make is crucial, especially during first meetings. Within thirty seconds at least ten assumptions are made about another person, join me as we explore these ten assumptions and how you can control how you present you... Read More

My Word for 2023 and How Am I Doing So Far? You may remember that in December of 2022 I selected my word of commitment for the New Year. The word was "focus". My goal was to focus on my relationship with the Lord, my husband, family and friends and my work. Read on and see how I am doing so fa... Read More

Six Techniques to Increase Repeat Business We are entering the last half of 2023 and now is the time to ensure you have repeat business. This is not only for the rest of 2023 but into 2024. Let's review six techniques that I have found to work successfully and hope you will too! Read More

Wreaking Your Personal Brand Join me as we explore ten errors that can hurt your personal brand. With social media venues you can easily get your name out there; however, is it the way you wish? Read More

Change...And Your Image Change is constant, that is something we all hear, but so true. Change can be fought like a soldier or embraced as empowering. How do you see change? Join me as we explore six ways to embrace change and positively affect your image. Read More

What Really is Personal Image and Brand? Please read about the image and brand of an individual that I knew; I believe it will make an impact on you. Read More

Happy New Year 2023! My Word of Commitment For the past several years I have selected a word to be my focus throughout the year. What word will take the stage in 2023? Read and find out along with what I want my word to help me do this year. What is your word or commitment this year? Read More

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