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Broken Window Syndrome

What is the “broken window syndrome”? What does it have to do with the image and brand of an individual or company? Let’s explore the answers to these questions.

There are many vibrant buildings in your community. They shine from the exterior paint, they breathe because people are inside them breathing every day, they are alive because someone takes time to clean up around them, planting flowers and trees, and they are alive and well manicured.

What happens when one of these buildings closes for whatever reason? The first thing we see is a for lease or for sale sign. Then soon after that a window is broken. Then vagrants move in and begin to tear things apart, steal, and place graffiti on the walls. Soon the windows are boarded up, trash surrounds the building. The building appears to be lost - seeking someone to help it.  Sometimes someone does come to the rescue and helps to bring the building back to its luster and life. However, many times the only way to end is to tear down the building.

That is the “broken window syndrome”. Does it affect individuals and businesses as well? Yes it does.

Have you broken windows? How would you know?

It usually begins with simple things such as not returning telephone calls in a timely manner, not responding to the customer’s request for information, missing deadlines, mistakes in reports or customer orders. Maybe that does not sound terrible but if left unattended it will become terrible. The image of an individual or business will tarnish and if left too long, the “broken window syndrome” will take over.

How do we stop this? Take time to analyze your actions and behaviors? Be objective, ask others, ask your customers. Don’t let the window break….


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