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Change...And Your Image

Greetings Everyone! 

Change…and your image




Unexpected change is law it seems. The recent economy is affecting us in a variety of ways. We read in the newspapers and hear on television that jobs are being lost, companies are having trouble hiring, training and marketing are put on hold, homes are selling at very high prices, debt is rising, and the cheese in the refrigerator is getting moldy. Yes, change is law is seems.


Change can also be empowering, challenging and an invisible gift. Something good comes out of change most times, and we have to learn to embrace it as a part of our life. You must change your thoughts and actions.


How we react to change has an impact on our image. We see people complain, blame and hide from change…not a pretty sight! Here are six ways to embrace change and maintain, even enhance your image:


  1. Accept responsibility for your past…in the business world, the definition of insanity is doing what you have always done, and expecting different results. Let go of any negatives from the past.


  1. Accept responsibility for your actions. Erase “blame” out of your vocabulary. Blame is a negative energy and removing it will leave room only for the positive. When you are positive you will be better able to appreciate the good things you have, the good choices you make, and you will be able to look forward to the future with enthusiasm, knowing you are in charge of your future.



  1. Develop a positive connection to your future. It is not too late. The attitude that it is never too late is an example that whatever you decide to do, the important thing is “to decide” and “do” something. There is no expiration date for taking action.


  1. Each new day is a learning experience. Each new day is a present or gift; embrace it with a positive mindset.


  1. Look at change as building blocks and begin with one or two changes and build as you go along.



  1. Allow yourself time to be grateful because if we do this, it takes our mind off the negatives and what we do not have.


What are three things for which you are grateful for right now? Just thinking about them probably made you smile…and that is always a positive impact on your image.


Keep change coming!







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