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Happy New Year and a New Edition to the Blog!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


A new edition in January is coming, read on…


I must say that 2023 was a most unusual year. We moved into our newly built home New Year’s Eve 2022. We thought it would be a grand idea to awake on January 1, 2023 in our new home, in a new year, and a new segment of our life’s journey! And it was indeed a grand idea! For the next several months we shopped, bought, decorated, had painting completed, chandeliers hung, a feature wall built and then filled it with fabulous abstract art. Wow a great descriptive word for our house’s interior! Our condo was sold fully, and I mean fully to a delightful couple who also loved our modern take on things. So shopping was for all new with the exception of my husband’s 1956 Frank Lloyd Wright dining table that his father bought. We have had it with us over all these years. Other than that and a few personal things, everything was newly purchased. It sounded like a dream come through and for the most part it was; however, trying to find the exact thing you have in mind is no always easy. But everything came together and we are thrilled!


In April I received a call from someone I did not know asking me to call them as soon as possible. I did and found that a very dear and long time friend was in trouble. She was starting to forget things, where she was, who she was and I soon found my life turned upside down as I had agreed to be her Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate, and Trustee a number of years ago. From then until November, she and her estate and the after math was another full time job. Since I was a “rookie” at this role, I must say that I have learned so much over the past months managing her affairs and life, that I thought my experience could help others. She passed in August.


May, our oldest granddaughter graduated from high school and we attended the ceremony in Missouri. We sat on gym bleachers for several events and boy are those seats hard as rocks. By the time we flew into Atlanta, I could barely get off the plane and soon discovered I had sciatica in my right leg. Holy cow, that was the first and hopefully the last time I get it. My PT rep gave me some great exercises to do to help eliminate getting a return visit and I have added them to my normal exercises and will keep doing them for a very long time!


I got the bright idea to give my husband a surprise birthday party for a big number that he would be celebrating in August. What a lot of work that was! We had over 30 people in attendance coming from out of state and locally. Our son was also able to attend which was the icing on the cake for the party. My husband was clueless and when we opened the doors to the private room at the restaurant, people yelled happy birthday and he was stunned. I had actually pulled off the surprise! Then two days later we drove to Blue Ridge Georgia for a week’s stay in the mountains in a beautiful cabin. We and our dog Grey Lady hiked the mountain trails and enjoyed delicious food and drink at the local restaurants. Blue Ridge is a great place to visit!


Recently I got two cases of Vertigo, something I had never experienced in my life. And boy, if that is not the strangest feeling I have ever had. I stayed in bed for two days with my eyes closed as that was the only way I could stop the room from spinning around and me too. My doctor said that getting older is one of the causes, so I was off to PT again to learn how to keep good ole Vertigo at bay!


And most recent my eye doctor told me my cataracts were finally “ripened” as they say in that industry and I could have surgery. Late October I had the first eye done and in mid-November the second eye. My sight is improving with each passing day. I can see clearly for distance but for long readings on the laptop, I find a need a bit of help. So I got a very slight prescription in my favorite red glasses, so I am all set!


In early November we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary, where has the time gone? We dined at the newly built Ruth Chris Steak House here in Lakewood Ranch. Oh my was that wonderful!!! He is the love of my life and the center of my attention; always has been and will be until the good Lord takes me home.


Now all along these months with all these things happening, I was still working on my friend’s behalf, running the business, and trying to live my personal life as well. It has been some year! It has been an emotional, challenging, frustrating, life learning year and I would not have traded it for anything…well, maybe not having the sciatica nor Vertigo would have been okay, ha!


So beginning in January 2024, I will launch a series titled “The Experience of a “Rookie Power of Attorney”. Make sure you tune in, the information could be of great help for you and your family.


Happy Holidays to you and yours!



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