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Imagine It Is Your Last Year...


Greetings Everyone! 


Let’s explore what you might do if it were your last year on earth. It is a deep question and one that should be asked periodically because it just might be true.

What would you want to do with the time left? For everyone the answer will probably be different, let's see. 

Would you redo your countertops, paint the outside of your house, move to a new city or return to the city you were most fond of? Maybe you would buy that car that you always wanted, buy a surf board, take up golf, tennis, pickleball, fishing, or some other sport or hobby? For those of you who are more entertainment oriented, would you binge watch another series on Netflix, see a play you have always want to experience, attend a big-time football or baseball game? Oh, for those who love to work, would you spend more time in the office, climbing the corporate ladder? Depending on your age, maybe you would want to obsess over your status on social media! These last few options you will probably say no to, but I just need to ask…would you engage in unnecessary arguments, maybe put off apologies or reconciliations?

Now it is wise to consider the long term. Saving for retirement, investing in your career and personal growth, taking care of your health and family, and other long-term strategies are all good. Not trying to lessen any of these.

The important reminder is that life is short and should encourage us to live each day with intention. The unpredictable nature of life is not a cause for fear, it is a call to action.

So how did you respond? What changes would you make? It may start small, ridding our lives of distractions---physical possessions, trivial entertainment, unnecessary commitments, or the pursuit of money. All of these take up space and energy to engage in the things that truly matter and enrich our lives.

If this was your last year, you would probably prioritize relationships, pursue your passions, dedicate yourself to activities that bring meaning, and give generously by sharing your time, talents and resources with those you desire to bless.

And those are all things we can do every day---regardless of how many days remain in our lives.

Enjoy and until next month,




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