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Marketing Materials Have a Loud Voice...


Marketing Materials have a Loud Voice…      


The marketing materials you present to others shout, sing, whisper, and communicate in volumes.


For some of you marketing materials are provided by the company with whom you are employed. While you may not have control over the color palette or design of the materials, you do have control over the presentation.


Others do have the option of designing the content, selecting the color palette, the sizes of the materials, websites, social media, in other words, every aspect of the process. Color palettes should be based on two considerations; one is your target market and the other is the industry or type of work you perform. For example, popular color palettes for financial institutions, accountants and lawyers are hunter green, medium to dark blue, and burgundy all accented with gold or silver. These color palettes represent stability which is important to the target market of this type of industry.


No matter whether you do or do not have control over the marketing materials you use, here are several tips to ensure they speak “positive” voices about you and enhance your image and brand.

  • Present business cards from a card holder, these are made in both masculine and feminine designs.
  • Make sure business cards and other marketing materials are clean and not folded in any way.
  • Brochures should not display any writing on them or incorrect information crossed out and the correct information written.
  • Identify creative ways to utilize your brochures, websites, note cards etc., know the material content and use them as a tool to support your conversations effectively.
  • Ensure postings to social media sites are professional, positive, and enhance your image and brand rather than showcase it negatively.


Take time to review your marketing materials now to be prepared for the next months of holiday gatherings. Use these events to promote yourself, your business, products and services in a professional manner.


Let the voice of your marketing materials sing beautifully!






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