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Your Mental Picture


A lack of self-confidence is one of the four common failure-producing factors that must be overcome if you hope to become the person you want to be. Believe me, mountains melt before the self-reliant, self-confident person.

Henry Ford said, “Think you can, think you cannot; either way you will be right”. Be careful of what you image yourself becoming. There is an abundance of scientific evidence that an individual’s mental picture of him/herself, more than any other factor sets the ultimate boundaries of their achievements.

We now know that the human brain, like an intricate automatic guidance system, will steer your life toward a realization of the mental self-image you feed into it. Your subconscious will work for you or against you. You make the determination by the self-fulfilling dreams or the self-defeating limitations you feed into it.

When this law is understood and applied, we see revolutionary changes in human personality. Deeply ingrained habits, fundamental behavior patterns, even talents and abilities, have been miraculously altered by persons who have believed, acted upon, and used this law of self-image psychology.

What are you feeding your brain?


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