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Clean it Out and Make Room for New and Exciting Things!

Clean it Out and Make Room for New and Exciting Things!

We just finished some spring cleaning in the storage room and the garage. These cleanings required we clear out storage closets and garage shelves. It’s amazing how much stuff we collected over the years; most of it forgotten and never missed.

It’s easy to lose track of what’s in our filled-to-the-brim drawers and closets. Not to mention all those piles of papers or stacks of books or saved emails we’ll never get to; it all clutters the mind. What’s worse is every time we think about or look at them each sigh, regret or resignation is a subtle stressor that drains our energy and compromises our creativity and decision-making abilities.

Hold on to everything and eventually all this stuff leaves little room for anything new. On the other hand, have you ever noticed as soon as we get rid of what we no longer need or want, new things start to show up?

It works the same way with ideas, beliefs and emotional attachments. Whatever your threshold (how big is your storage area or garage?) is for holding on to old notions or behaviors, once you reach that limit, there’s no room for anything new until you discard some of the old.

Why not attract something new in your life now? Pick an aspect of your life– work, play, family, etc. – that needs updating or a new energy, attitude or behavior. Then discard the ‘yea buts, what ifs and just in cases’ and from a coherent perspective ask your heart what to clear out.

Be patient and stay neutral until you get an answer. Don’t be surprised or afraid of what pops up. Then let it go, knowing there is now room in your life for new, fun and exciting things.

And, by the way, this also works when you’re ready to delete those never-answered emails and recycle your old shoes!
Until next month,

P.S. Dance as though no one is watching you, love as though you have been hurt before, sing as though no one can hear you (even if you do not sound good in the shower), and live as though you want to get to heaven.

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