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Corporate Brand/Image

  • Ensure your marketing efforts are strategically focused to capture the niche markets with the greatest potential for your product and service.
  • Create the right blend of marketing strategies to “hit” your target market!
  • Utilize the appropriate color, language, and design for your marketing materials to capture the attention of a specific niche market.
  • Place advertisements in the media most associated with specific niche markets.

Below are a brief list of TNB’s accomplishments in the area of marketing development:

  • Designed, developed and executed a national marketing presentation on the evolution of technology systems that would drive the business for a 4000 member organization.
  • Created, implemented and executed a regional marketing campaign including training and seminar workshops targeted to the woman investor. Presented the three part series in thirty-three locations across the state to over 5000 women with a 97% retention rate for attendance to the workshops. Over 70 new client relationships were established over a three month period.
  • Established a sales and business development culture for a community financial institution resulting in all departments of the organization embracing their responsibility that everyone is a marketer. Achieved an increase in new accounts and retention and expansion of the client base.
  • Identified new expansion opportunities for a law firm resulting in the addition of a new office, increased marketing initiatives and speaking engagements.
  • Created strategic initiatives in marketing and communications, resulting in a new corporate image, brochures, a video, and Annual Report for a regional community bank.
  • Implemented business process improvement methodology and culture throughout a wealth management organization improving their effectiveness and efficiencies by 20%.

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