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Process Engineering

Process engineers are responsible for the design, implementation, control, and optimization of processes.  Tim Neville has served as a process engineer for numerous such projects and will bring his expertise to your company or organization.

When do you know it is time to re-engineer your processes, procedures, or an entire division or company? You will know when simple things start going very wrong, when employees have no idea what they should be doing, processes or procedures have run amok, the entire group is not functioning smoothly, costs are unreasonably escalating, and diminishing profitability.

What is Process Engineering?

Process engineering is the means by which raw materials are turned into some kind of end product or commodity. Process engineering is focused on designing the processes that allow for the creation or improvement of some kind of product or service, process, structure – as well as their optimization to ensure that there is minimal waste during the process, and profits are maximized.  

To this end, process engineering is a very complex engineering specialization. TNB knows how to create and develop product specifications, develop equipment requirements, implement manufacturing strategies, restructure job responsibilities, and monitor all of the processes they develop – to ensure maximum productivity.  

These processes vary from simple mechanical processes to highly specialized processes. While we do help in the development of new, innovative processes, most often we are involved in the analysis, upgrading, and modification/optimization of equipment and re-engineering processes that are already being used by a company or organization.

Process engineering is an inherently cross-departmental discipline. We work with people from every sector of the company – including R&D staff, production personnel, operations personnel, management, and even customers, in some cases.

Is your company or organization ready to explore the benefits of re-engineering of your product or processes to maximize effectiveness, efficiencies, and profits? 

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