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My Word for 2023 and How Am I Doing So Far?


You may remember in January of this year, I stated that my word of commitment would be “focus”. This word of commitment began in 2019 when my pastor referenced The site provides this concept and a word cloud of inspirational examples that one may select. I really liked this idea and began to explore the one word for me. I would review the list of words again and again, and think deeply about each one. I asked the Lord to help me select the word that would be mine.

Weeks went by and while I thought of several words, nothing stuck. I felt I was running out of time, and the New Year would arrive, and I would not have a word. I should know better. This has happened each year and 2023 was no exception. However, the word finally show itself, “focus”.

My word of commitment, focus, has many facets for me. First, I want to focus even more on my relationship with God and be intentionally about it. The women’s ministry at my church will begin the spring semester next month and the book of study is titled “Acts, Awakening to God in Everyday Life”. What could be a better title of study that goes like salt and pepper with my word!

So, I am going to focus on ways to continue to maintain and improve my health, my relationship with my husband, close friends, business associates, projects, just everything. I am going to focus on listening for God’s callings of me and hopefully will understand the direction he wants me to go and the guidance to get there.

How have I done so far this year? I would love to say I have aced every aspect I wanted to enhance my focus upon; however, that is not the case. I did thoroughly enjoy the women’s ministry and the book we studied which reminded me to focus on the Lord. I have tried to focus when my husband is talking and not do other things, but when I am in the midst of cooking it is hard to stop and provide eye contact with him while the water for noodles is boiling over, ha! But other times, I am doing better. I am focused on my friends and family much more and try and communicate with them often.

So, I am going to continue with my commitment of “focus” for the remainder of the 2023 and see if I can strengthen the areas I wanted to. How about you? How are you doing with your word? Let me know, would love to hear.

Until next month,


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