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Impression...Who is Managing Yours?


Impression…Who is managing yours?


Recently I had a conversation with someone who asked if the way they dressed and the fact they had tattoos in visible places hindered their career advancement. For those of you who know me well, you know that I could not help but respond. Our conversation has led me to select it as my blog. Even in today's world with tattoos visible on people more than I can ever remember, it is a choice, and will come with some reactions. 


It is true that the impression we make is crucial, especially during first meetings.

Within thirty seconds at least ten assumptions are made about another person, including social status, economic status, occupation, marital status, educational status, ancestry, trustworthiness, credibility, and the likelihood to succeed.  This process is an unconscious one. Yet the reason we do it is simple. In the course of one day we encounter hundreds of things, places and people, and in order to process all this information quickly we must categorize our encounters based on minimal knowledge. With people it is their appearance that tells us whether or not we want to continue the association.


So it is important for us to manage our impressions. Impression management is the process of dress, presentation i.e. posture, grooming, communication etc. in a way that controls the impact you make on others. This statement reflects our self-perceptions and the motivations for our behavior. In a word, we have the opportunity to dress so that the impressions others form of us are the impressions we WANT them to form.


Why is expressing your individuality so important? It is important because it communicates creativity and leadership potential. It shows that you know who you are and are confident in yourself and your abilities.


Ask yourself this question: “What messages do I communicate about myself to peers, colleagues, associates, and my boss in the clothing I wear and my appearance? Are these the messages that I want to send?


See you next month, Nyda 





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