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Time to Motivate!




This is the time for motivation!


Employees are experiencing all types of emotions lately…. frustration, fear, anger, uncertainty, and excitement. Companies in general have tightened up the purse strings, explored ways to cut expenses as revenues are under stress, and tried to stay ahead of the virus and its impact on the economy. Clients are also in need of hearing from you and how you are going to continue to do business with them.


Now is the time for you as a business owner, manager, supervisor, boss to motivate your employees and clients. You want to keep the cream of the crop employees and clients so you must make them feel important to the success of the company and helping them as well.


In the state of Florida things are opening more and more as we move into Phase Three. Businesses, churches, sports, schools, you name it, are all trying to figure things out. How to do business and keep safe? The country is heading into the final stretch of the presidential election which adds to the uncertainly. As we entered the year of 2020, we certainly did not see any of this coming our way, but it did.


You may think, how do I motivate my employees, some of them are working from home and others are in the office. Send or deliver everyone a beach ball to remind them of the final days of summer; treat them to a boxed lunch, implement a president’s breakfast and have them join you in-person and/or Zoom to hear what is going on in their lives. Send every employee a handwritten note of thanks for working through this difficult time. These are only a few suggestions. These same ideas can be used for your clients. Think outside the box…. The point is to tell them they are important and communicate, communicate, communicate!


What are you doing to motivate? Please let us know so we can gain more ideas.


Until next month, stay safe and healthy,



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