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Serve as a Role Model and Impact Future Generations!



Recently I had the pleasure of visiting with a team of young boys and girls. they were the recipients of a grant from a local non-profit organization of which I am a board member. There I met the boys and girls and their leaders. As I was waiting in the hallway for young people to gather for a photo opportunity, I was reminded that these girls and boys are the future. 


As I walked out to the front of the building for the photo opportunity, I thought about the importance of serving as a role model to young people. They all wanted to know my name. One girl told me my hair was pretty, another said she would like to run with me, and a young boy said he wants to be a fire fighter when he grows up. 


We sometimes forget how much of an impact we have on young people. They model our behavior, actions, language, just about everything. So why not ensure that we are setting the right foundation from which they can grow. Especially today when it is difficult to find effective role models. 


This is a great time to analyze your personal image and the impact your own behaviors and actions have on the young people with whom you come into contact. Many of you may think you do not have any impact on young people because you have no children, not in a a profession with young people present, or not into coaching youth sports etc. This is not true...


When you are eating in a restaurant, sitting in church, shopping in a grocery or retail store, there are probably young people there and they see you. And they are watching. 


So, take some time and think about your personal image and the impact you have on young people. We can help set a strong foundation for them. 


Until next month, 





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