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Your Mental Picture This month, let's do some exploring! A lack of self-confidence is one of the four common failure-producing factors, and you control it. Want to learn more, read on! Read More

25th Anniversary of TNB Consulting Group, Inc. It is hard to believe that today, June 1st, I am celebrating the 25th anniversary of TNB Consulting Group, Inc. What a wonderfully blessed journey I have experienced, please check out the blog for more... Read More

Change, Spring, and Your Image Change is constant and change will have an impact on your image. How we react to change is most important and will determine the outcome. Join me and gain six valuable tips to help you manage and thrive with change. Read More

Be a More Effective Communicator with these Seven Tips Communication is something we do every day most all the day. When you effectively communicate, you present yourself with confidence, knowledge, and credibility. Read and gain these seven tips to enhance your communications! Read More

Happy New Year 2021 Happy New Year and Welcome to 2021!!!! This month's blog looks back to a dozen years ago when my Mother passed on this date at 11:35am. Please read for an inspirational and motivational writing. Read More

Serve as a Role Model and Impact Future Generations! Do you think you have impact on young people? Read on because you certainly do... Read More

Time to Motivate! This is the time for motivation! Time to motivate your employees and clients. How you say? Read on... Read More waves on the beach Just like change, waves on the beach are relentless and can be powerful, and there are only three things you can do with a wave. Check out the blog and find out what and how you can ride the waves of change successfully! Read More

It is Friday! It is Friday and I was reflecting on meetings that I have attended recently. I wanted to share several tips to enhance the effectiveness of meetings. Read More

Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Clients During the Pandemic During this unprecedented time, it is important to stay in touch with your clients. Check out these options to help you accomplish this goal. Read More

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