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Happy New Year 2023! My Word of Commitment For the past several years I have selected a word to be my focus throughout the year. What word will take the stage in 2023? Read and find out along with what I want my word to help me do this year. What is your word or commitment this year? Read More

Satisfaction of WORK Do You Have the Right View of "Work" Today? Join me as I explore the value and benefit of "work" and how different the view is becoming. Read More

Dreams are Unlimited What goals would you be setting for yourself if you knew you could not fail? Now, that is question to ponder. Join me to learn a simple formula for Success. You will not regret it. Read More

Create the Life You Want Very often, the way we live our lives is that we go through the motions. We go to school, go to work, go to the grocery store, go to the baseball game and start over the next day. Maybe for a week of two each year we take a vacation, however, no matt... Read More

The Fragility of Our Liberty Ronald Reagan spoke frequently about the fragility of our liberty and the importance of its preservation. Long before he became President, he delivered these remarks in a speech. I believe you will enjoy them and they will make you think of how you c... Read More

Life is Wonderful... It is said that life is like a coin, we can spend it any way we want, but we can spend it only once. Join me as I explore this suggestion of life being like a coin! Read More

Creative Poise Coupled with Possibility Thinking Become a Possibility Thinker and use Creative Poise to face your challenges and you will find a new way of viewing them! Read More

What REALLY is Personal Image and Brand? Greetings everyone! The following blog has been posted this time of year since 2009. I think you will enjoy reading and learning from it. Read More

After Five...the Professional Image does not Stop but Keeps on Ticking…. So now with the holidays upon us and parties and other events lined up on the calendar, here are some tips for avoiding the embarrassment of showing up under or overdressed for the occasion. Read More

The Half Marathon Did I finish the half marathon? Join me as I talk about the experience! Read More

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