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Communication Styles

Communication lies at the heart of organizational work. With the advent of team-based and flatter organizations, communication has become even more important than ever before. Do you or have you worked with someone and no matter how hard you try, you simply cannot communication effectively? We believe everyone has faced that person in the workplace or in personal life.

Explore the four main communication styles in a way different than any you have experienced. Most communication style instruction gives you the attributes of each style but does not provide any insight into how to identify a style and respond effectively. Learn how to spot, see, and hear, yes, even hear a communication style. The more the techniques are practiced the better one becomes. Explore the voice, handshake, dress, posture and more of each style and how to shift, or respond to the communication between the two of you is effective.

The instrument that is utilized in this program assesses a person when all is going well and when under stress or conflict. Some people remain in the same style, while others shift to another style. Learn how to not only identify one’s own style, that of others, and how to respond. Also, how to use proven techniques to interact with different styles.

Nyda has managed these fun and interactive discussions with many companies and within many different industries for over 20 years. Learn from her experience and talent in this area. She has been told that this knowledge has helped people move up in the company, be able to communicate with a person who had been difficult and even helped with personal relationships.

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