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Video Critique

Stepping into the front of a camera is the worst possible thing that could happen to some people. No matter how you feel about a camera, you can learn techniques to help you pull it off effortlessly.

In today’s world, people are taking “selfies” all the time, some do it well and others, well. Also in today’s world, job interviews, meetings, conferences, and work of all types are being done via some sort of video. Knowing how to navigate these waters can make or break you and your job interview or daily work.

Conducting a video critique is an important venture which will provide you with confidence and poise. The critique begins with a video conversation, interview or sample meeting (whichever is most appropriate). Then we review the video and critique the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If the camera will be that of a job or media interview, we identify the biggest fear, how to structure your message, how to formulate sound bites, how to handle questions from the potential employer or media and to bridge the conversation to make your point.

We then explore how to dress, what colors to wear, how to sit at a table or desk, open chairs, or standing. Good posture is a must, a smile when appropriate and eye contact.

When a job has video conferencing as part of your daily or periodic routine, you will also benefit from this information.

Videotaping is the most effective manner to review and critique these components. Taking the step to learn these important aspects of the camera or video conferencing will enhance your skills, instill confidence, and improve your image and brand.

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