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Creative Poise Coupled with Possibility Thinking



I have spoken of Possibility Thinking for many years. Simply to set the stage for Creative Poise, here is a brief explanation.

Possibility Thinkers resemble the hummingbird that looks for and find honey, often in the most unlikely and unthinkable places. They perceptively probe every problem, proposal, and challenge to discover and disclose the positive opportunities pregnant in almost every human situation. Here is the motto of Possibility Thinkers:

  • Overcome inferiority complexes and live confidently
  • Listen to new ideas and evaluate them carefully
  • See opportunities, size them, and seize them courageously
  • Welcome challenging problems and solve them creatively
  • Face personal tragedies with equanimity and, if possible, use them constructively.

Now let us couple the Possibility Thinker with Creative Poise. Keep a strong possibility posture as you confront your problem with creative poise. Use Possibility Thinking to do the following:

  • Remind yourself that every problem is an unfilled need
  • Remember that success is finding a need and filling it
  • View your problem as an opportunity in disguise
  • Welcome your problem as a guideline or challenge
  • Look for and find someone somewhere who can help you solve or sublimate the problem.

If you live near the ocean, watch the waves roll in. You will see a timid swimmer who, spotting a great wave rising, panics, turns, and runs, only to overcome by the rushing mountain of water. Now watch the surfer. They look for and see the savage wave swelling. They are poised with a surfboard in hand and when it reaches its full crest, they mount the liquid mountain and are lifted high and carried far!

Become a Possibility Thinker and use Creative Poise to face your problems, and you will find a new way of viewing the challenge!


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