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What Type of Thinker Are You? Continued…


Last month we explored an impossibility thinker. This month let’s explore a possibility thinker.

Possibility Thinkers resemble the hummingbird that looks for and finds honey, often in the most unlikely and unthinkable places. The Possibility Thinkers perceptively probe every problem, proposal, and challenge to discover and disclose the positive opportunities.

They are people—just like you—who when faced with a mountain do not quit. They keep on striving until they climb over, find a pass through, tunnel underneath—or simply stay and turn their mountain into a gold mine.

Why do they succeed? Why are possibility thinkers different from impossibility thinkers? What impact do they have on the image, brand, and culture of an organization? Which are you? These are questions I hope you will take time to reflect upon and determine who you are and what type of thinkers make up your company.

Possibility Thinkers have learned how to:

  • Overcome inferiority complexes and live confidently
  • Listen to new ideas and evaluate them carefully
  • See opportunities, size them and seize them
  • Welcome challenging problems and solve them creatively
  • Face personal tragedies and use them constructively

Possibility Thinkers are faith builders, hope boosters, confidence creators, enthusiasm generators, and optimism spreaders! Doesn’t that sound exciting, can you not feel the energy!

The impact on image, brand, and culture of an organization is enhanced with Possibility Thinkers. Where are you on the scale of thinkers, on the end of impossibility or the opposite end of possibility?

Now more than ever, the marketplace wants Possibility Thinkers. These will be the people who not only keep their jobs but gain more responsibility, move up in an organization, and feel more satisfaction in their work….and the list goes on.

How would you move from an impossibility thinker to that of a possibility thinker? Next month we will design several action steps to do just that. If you have any ideas to share, please send them to me!

Be a Possibility Thinker!

Until next month,


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