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Move from Impossibility Thinker to Possibility Thinker!

Move From Impossibility Thinker to Possibility Thinker!

We have explored the Impossibility Thinker who make swift, sweeping passes over a proposed idea, scanning it with a sharp negative eye, looking only for the distasteful aspects. They look for reasons why something will not work instead of visualizing ways in which it could work.

Then we examined the Possibility Thinker who resembles the hummingbird that looks for and finds honey, often in the most unlikely and unthinkable places. The perceptively probe every problem, proposal, and challenge to discover and disclose the positive opportunities that might exist.

So how does one move from a Impossibility Thinker to a Possibility Thinker?

Cultivate the discriminatory art. Does a TV show, piece of literature, conversation, inspire you? Or does it depress you? Does it help you want to be a better person, or is it neutral and not stimulating? Does it evoke the positive emotions of love, faith, hope, and joy, or the negative emotions of hate, disbelief, fear, and misery? Ask yourself, am I feeding my mind a diet that will calm, challenge, uplift, and inject determination to out and win?

Stop listening to Impossibility Thinkers who tell you how wrong you are, how impossible your idea is. As much as possible, discipline yourself to an exposure to positive thinking. Start each day with a statement to remind you of this task.

Please let me know what steps you took to move from an Impossibility Thinker to a Possibility Thinker.

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