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Culture, Check it out Before Accepting a New Job




A friend recently told me they were leaving their job. I asked why and they said it was the culture. The culture of the company had changed and they did not feel comfortable, excited, nor wanted to be there any longer. I thought it might be a good time to speak about why culture is important and how to find out about it before accepting a new job. 


A January 2019 survey conducted by TopResume of 10,000 US professionals were asked what matters most to you when deciding which job to take next? The answer of company culture ranked second behind salary and bonus. 


Every company, corporation, or organization has a culture. It consists of the prevailing beliefs and behaviors that guide workplace interactions. Why is culture important? Because if the company operates in a manner that uncomfortable for you, you will not want to stay and give it your all. How do you find out about the culture, here are several ways to do so. 

  1. Check out the company website, look for the core values, mission, and vision statements. See if there are employee comments or videos that may speak to these and watch their actions and behaviors. 
  2. Do the core values listed on the website fall in line with your own? 
  3. If possible, work out a consulting gig so you can see the interior of the company before joining it.
  4. If you are on sight, visit the restrooms and walk around if possible, do employees smile at you, ask if they can help you, or avoid any and all eye contact? 
  5. Grill recruiters about suitability with specific questions such as:
    1. Why the five previous people you recruited were successful?
    2. Why did past employees leave this position?
    3. What is the atmosphere of employee meetings, and other functions?
    4. How often do executive and senior managers visit with employees?

So you can see that culture does matter and is important. Best of luck in finding and accepting your new position. If you need any assistance, please contact me at or 828.246.4525. 


Until next month, 



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