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Satisfaction of WORK



I find it very interesting the way people today look at and approach “work”.

I have worked since I was eighteen and never gave a second thought to anything but going to work. My father had his own medical practice and my mother worked in the home. I was very eager to get a job and start supporting myself. I started working in the basement of a bank without any windows. I can still remember one day being called up to the manager’s office and asked if I wanted to come upstairs and learn how to be a teller. What???? Of course, I wanted to do this, and accepted without letting him even get the last of the sentence out of his mouth. I was going to be able to see daylight and know if it were sunny, rainy, and snowy outside! I loved the job and continued learning my craft. I then was asked if I wanted to learn how to open new accounts and provide customer service. Again, of course I wanted to advance and loved seeing the extra money enter my bank account!

Over the many years of my career, I have been blessed indeed. I have been provided opportunities to take on new challenges, to enhance and grow my talents, skills, and abilities. I have owned my consulting firm for 28 years and love every, well almost every minute. I could not imagine my life with work.

Work requires us to improve and develop and become better versions of ourselves. The more we grow, the better we get, and the greater the challenges become. We learn important life lessons when we give ourselves over to hard work; determination, attentiveness, responsibility, problem-solving, and self-control.

Why are people today not wanting “work”?

Here are some ways people see “work” today:

  • A 2022 Gallup poll found only 32% of American employees are engaged in their work. Half of the American workforce is “quiet quitting” or doing the bare minimum to meet job requirements.
  • The book “4-Hour Workweek” is one of the top sellers of the past decade.
  • Only 34% of Americans today want to “work along time at a fulfilling job” while 14% were unsure; the remainder want to “retire early”.

And do what if you retire early? You can only fish, boat, hike, golf, travel, ski so much and then what? Folks after retiring for a period of time, decide to take a part-time job (or even a full-time job), volunteer at a non-profit, something to keep them busy and provide them with a purpose.

Our work brings benefit to society, it serves others, it enriches people’s lives, and it moves everyone forward.

Work is also an example to our children. Children watch their parents and other family members and take what they do and how they do it to heart.

Work is fulfilling, in and of itself. It feels great when at the end of day, you can think back to all you did that day with pride. Work keeps our lives occupied with important matters. If you do not live a life that is occupied, it is a recipe for disaster. Think of how much trouble children get into when they have too much idle time on their hands.

So, let us change our attitude toward work! We humans are designed to work. Your work contributes to the common good. Do your work ethically and always do the right thing. Please do not view your work as something only to be endured or avoided. No matter your age, focus and use your passions and abilities to contribute your best to society.

Work hard, enjoy it. Now get to it!


Until next month, Nyda 



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