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Dreams are Unlimited



What goals would you be setting for yourself if you knew you could not fail? Now, that is a question to ponder.

What dreams would you have on the drawing board if you knew you would ultimately succeed---in the long run?

What plans would you be making if you had thirty years to carry them out?

What projects would you be launching if you had the wisdom to solve any problem and the power to sweep all obstacles out of your way?

What exciting work would you be engaged in today if you could acquire the skill to sell your ideas to powerful people?

What role should you play in the drama of human life? Clarify your role before you set your goal or you will encounter confusion and frustration. Conflict in interpersonal relations is too often the result of a misinterpretation by the involved persons of the roles each should be playing.

Here is a simple formula for success: The Role, then the Goal plus the Toll equals SUCCESS. In other words, define your role, then, and then only, get set to establish your goal. Be prepared to pay the price in terms of time, money, energy, and credit-sharing, and you will succeed.

Taken from my daily book of motivation and inspiration.

I have found that this formula does indeed work effectively. In the many projects I have had with clients over the years, I found that defining the role I would play was key. The defined role must then be understood by both parties or you will run into deep troubles. If the role is defined and understood by all parties, then you can move to establishing the goal(s) for the project.

When I first started my business twenty-seven years ago, I must say I was not interested in the credit-sharing aspect of this formula. However, over the years I learned that it is a critical part of the process. One can never achieve a goal in business without the help of others along the way. Remember that.


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