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Holidays, Protocol, and Personal Brand


Happy Holidays! 


Yes, the holidays are upcoming, and this is a perfect time of the year to showcase your personal brand. There will be many social and business events and parties, gatherings with friends and family, and networking opportunities.


Here are several tips to help ensure your image and brand are showcased positively:

  1. Display an upbeat attitude and smile. For many of you there will be multiple events in one evening and you must appear as fresh at the last event as you did at the first.
  2. Be prepared to introduce yourself with a captivating 30 second commercial to the answer the question “what do you do?”
  3. A handshake says a lot about you, make sure it is firm and not like a wet dish cloth, and make eye contact with the person.
  4. Business cards should be clean and placed in a card holder.
  5. Name tags go on the right side so when you extend your hand to shake another, they can view your name easily. For those of you who do not have company issued name tags, invest in one. I suggest you purchase one in gold or silver. Place your first name on the top line in big letters followed by your last name on the second line in a smaller font size followed by your company name on the third line. For those of you who are in career transition, your name is enough.
  6. Maintain eye contact when engaged in conversations, be present. Do not look pass the person to see who else might be in the room.
  7. Do not wear an earpiece, and when you are not engaged in conversation, do not fill the void by looking at your electronic device.
  8. Polish your shoes and for those who will show toes, treat yourself to a professional pedicure.
  9. Keep the “dazzle” of clothing or jewelry to a minimum especially at business events.
  10. Limit the alcohol and select food choices that fit easily on a small plate.
  11. Keep small mints in your pocket or purse so you can maintain fresh breath.
  12. If you are taking a spouse, partner, or friend to an event, inform them of “important people”, and make sure they watch the alcohol intake and manners.
  13. Always thank the host and hostess before you leave the event and if appropriate, send a thank you card.


So, enjoy the holidays knowing your personal image and brand are showing….and in a positive manner.  


As we close 2019, I wish each of you a prosperous New Year!




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