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Time of Change...Behaviors and Your Image




Welcome to Fall! For many the tree leaves are starting to turn beautiful colors and for others, they are still green-no matter the color, it is a wonderful time of the year. It is a time of natural change—and opportunity for us to change our behavior.

I want you to consider what behaviors may not be working for you and not enhancing your image. Many of our habits, patterns, idiosyncrasies and quirks are invisible, so let’s look closely at the behaviors that may be holding you back. Below is a list of some that you may recognize especially when you look into the mirror.

They include the following:

  • Not returning phone calls on time.
  • Being late for meetings and appointments.
  • Poor communication between colleagues and staff.
  • A lack of clarity about expected outcomes, monthly targets, goals, etc.
  • Not attending to paperwork quickly and efficiently.
  • Handling mail more than once.
  • Talking instead of listening.
  • Working long days with no exercise or regular breaks.
  • Socializing too much on the telephone.
  • Eating at your desk five days a week.
  • Having your cell phone on all the time, and looking at with every announcement of a message, text, or instant message.
  • Controlling every decision, especially the small stuff you need to let go of.
  • Making reservations at the last minute (restaurant, travel plans, theatre, and concerts).


Now check yourself out by making a list of all the behaviors that keep you unproductive. Block off an hour of time to really think through this process. This is a worthy exercise and will give you a strong foundation for improving your results in the years ahead. In fact, identifying and modifying these bad habits really act as a springboard to your future success. Until you clearly understand what is holding you back and the behaviors you have that are not enhancing your image, it is difficult to create more productive ones.

I challenge you to spend time enjoying the wonderful weather we are experiencing and make your list. Then develop several strategies with action steps to rid you of these bad habits and replace them with positive and productive ones!





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