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Management Development

Management development is the overall concept that describes the many ways in which organizations help employees develop their personal and organizational skills, either as managers in a management job or with an eventual management job in mind.

Organizations need a process for developing the skills of their managers as these employees direct and organize the work of all of your other employees. Additionally, if you want to retain your best managers and potential managers, most significant among their needs from work is the opportunity to continue their personal and professional development and growth of their careers.

However, most management development does not involve outside classes or professional trainers. It involves the employee's daily work, skill stretching assignments, leadership roles played, mentoring by a more senior manager, cross-training, and other developmental opportunities on-the-job.

Building the skills of managers through management development options is critical to the effective functioning of your organization. It is because of the power of a manager to impact the organization through his or her oversight of the work of other employees. Tim Neville has been described as one of the most effective builders of managers. He continues to hear from managers who worked with and for him, some many years ago, who say they still remember what they learned from him. 

When it comes to middle managers, this is where Tim can assist senior managers with strategies and techniques that are practical and results-oriented. These middle managers are expected to communicate the company direction, goals, and vision to their reporting employees. Only competent business communicators are likely to perform their needed communication tasks effectively.

Senior company leaders depend on mid-level managers to communicate because these senior leaders can't easily communicate with every employee themselves.

It is not surprising that the managers in your workplace are the single most important factor in employee engagement, employee motivation, and building a productive workplace. Managers are the key to employee retention, and the main reason employees cite when they leave their current employer.

So, the need for management development is significant and can provide a significant payback. Contact Tim today and set up an appointment or call to discuss your needs.

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