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Organizational Change

Is your business going through a period of organizational change? 

Most organizations today are in a constant state of flux as they respond to the fast-moving external business environment, local and global economies, and technological advancement. This means that workplace processes, systems, and strategies must continuously change and evolve for an organization to remain competitive.

Changes affect your most important asset, your people. Improperly prepared employees, employees unwilling to accept change, or losing employees are costly. These impediments are due to lost or diminished productivity, effects of employee resistance or the associated recruitment costs and the time involved getting new employees up to speed. Each time an employee walks out the door, essential intimate knowledge of your business leaves with them.

How will organizational change management help your company or organization?

Organizational change is a field of management theory that focuses on the stages that companies go through as they evolve. The principles of organizational change theory apply to both short- and long-term changes.

A change management plan can support a smooth transition and ensure your employees and managers are guided through the change journey. The harsh fact is that approximately 70 percent of change initiatives fail due to negative employee attitudes and unproductive management behavior. Using the services of a professional change management consultant could ensure you are in the winning 30 percent.

Tim Neville has experienced many changes in the organizations he has been associated with. This experience has led him to understand the importance of effective strategies designed and developed to help managers help employees through the changes.

Tim uses a six-step process with organizational change. These include:

1. Clearly define the change and align it to business goals.

2. Determine impacts and those affected.

3. Develop a communication strategy.

4. Provide effective training.

5. Implement a support structure.

6. Measure the change process.

Let Tim work with you and your team to develop engaging and innovative ways to ensure the changes you are announcing will run smoothly.

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