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Strategic Planning

TNB has served as the designer and developer of “Three Year Rolling Strategic Plans” for many organizations and companies. There are many ways to create a strategic plan; however, TNB believes the involvement of the appropriate individuals and teams is critical to its success.

TNB can help provide a variety of methods to accomplish the planning process. These methods can range from a board/executive team retreat and usually involves the completion of a SWOT analysis. Based on the results of the SWOT analysis and other corporate goals, a draft plan can be drafted. From there, those involved can review, analyze, and provide comments. This process may be repeated a number of times and have different people/teams providing the review and comment. The comments will be compiled and returned to the group for review. Once the plan is close to being finalized, it may be presented to the board of directors/trustees etc. for a review/comment period. The plan may then be finalized and approved.

The benefits of the plan include providing the roadmap to achieve the vision and mission of the organization or company and steps to navigate the actions. In addition, the strategic plan will attract potential management and board members, provide a structure for meetings to assess the process/results, enhance board engagement, develop a process and results, and provide sustainability for the organization or company.

The key to a successful strategic plan is having it remain “alive” by having periodic reports on the progress of action steps against goals.

Heard from a board member about TNB helping with the strategic plan, “we have never had such an involved process to write our strategic plan, TNB has done an exceptional job”.

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