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Red Shoes Go with Anything!



The other day I was putting on a pair of jeans, turtle neck sweater, and picked up black boots and walked out of the closet. I paused, looked at the boots and thought, red heels would add a bit of “spark”. So I exchanged the boots for the heels, put on my red coat, scarf, red glasses, and away I went. I must say I felt energized and spirited.

The color red symbolizes power, confidence, and energy. Plan to wear red clothing and/or add it as an accessory to an outfit. You will find you walk taller, faster, speak more confidently, and project more credibility.

Think about the colors you wear and how they make you feel. Try a number of different colors and shades of each and jot down how you felt that day. Keep these notes handy in your closet and when you need a bit of “pick me up” or “need confidence”, select the colors that fit that bill for you.

For me, red shoes go with anything!


Until next month,



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