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Managing Stressors…How Effective are You?

Managing Stressors

I don’t know about you, but life seems to have more stressors than in years past. I am sure there are a host of reasons for this, but how we respond to those stressors impacts your image and brand.

It is 5:30pm and I have been for the last hour trying to get my office straightened up to face tomorrow with a smile….the phone will not stop ringing…my feet hurt… and in 45 minutes I am to be at a networking event across town which if I leave now I will arrive fashionable late!

Now I can imagine your comments. They probably include “so what” “join the club” and “be glad you have clients”. And you are right!

How we face and control these and other stressors do impact the way you present yourself. I will, once I have finished this message, straighten up the last few papers, let any callers visit my voice mail, let the dog out, and refresh my looks. I will leave my shoes off while driving, and arrive at the scene of the networking event.

I will then check my attitude, smile, put on my shoes and not worry about by feet, and ENJOY!!!! Because I am in control and will manage the stressors of life. I don’t wish to enter the event and allow those stressors to “show” up with me!

How do you control the stressors in your life? We would enjoy hearing your techniques so we can try them on for size.


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