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Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Clients During the Pandemic



During this unprecedented time, it is important for businesses to stay in touch with their clients. Most of us remember that it is easier to add work to an existing client than obtaining a new one. So, let us make sure we are keeping in touch.

Most businesses are sharing information on how they are keeping current with the CDC guidelines which is great if that makes sense for your business. If it does not, then you may want to create a fun statement or interesting photo and tie it into your business, product, or service. Give folks a reason to smile!

Here are several tips that I have found from a variety of different sources that may help you accomplish this goal:


Send Text Messages

Use this tip only if you have a relatively short client list and your clients have indicated they like to communicate via text messages. You can either reach out to people individually or send a text blast if you have customers who have signed up for text updates.

Make Phone Calls

If your business has a few important clients that you really focus on, you may want to reach out to them personally by phone. Ask them what two-three obstacles they are facing right now, make sure they know about any changes to your business, and answer questions they may have.

Start a Video Chat

Video chat is another option that is perfect for businesses with clients they work with regularly. This is ideal for communicating with those who you may otherwise meet with face-to-face or in instances where you may need to share visuals.

Use Chat Apps

If you need to provide virtual customer support to your customers in real time, chat apps like Facebook and WhatsApp can be valuable. You can easily share the link to your chat profile so people can reach out to you when they have questions. Or you can send out individual messages if you have relevant updates.

Host Live Streams

Another real time option for communicating with customers, hosting a livestream allows you to broadcast video messages and interact with viewers. You might host a Q&A session, simple announcement, or a demonstration to help customers during this time.

Post on Social Media

Make sure your social media account is updated on a regular basis. This is the great way to not only share updates with customers but also to engage with them.

Send Direct Mail

Some think direct mail is dead; however, it is still a viable marketing medium. For local businesses or those that communicate with customers mainly offline, direct mail is still an option. Design a small flyer or write a letter that shares what your customers need to know, create a story that will bring a smile to their face!

Send Notes with Online or Delivery Orders

If your business ships or delivers products, use that as an opportunity to communicate. Share a handwritten or personally typed note letting them know how much you appreciate their business and include any other details they may need to know.

Create Video Content

Video can be an incredibly powerful tool for sharing complex thoughts or evoking an emotional response. There are tons of different ways you can use this tactic. You might share an honest take about what is going on with your company on YouTube or go a more lighthearted route by sharing humorous content on TikTok.

Post in Online Forums

If there are any online forums that are relevant to your industry, posting or responding to others’ posts can help you stay connected. Just make sure to be responsive and do not simply spam people with your own updates.

Comment on Online Posts

Social media, blogging, and forum posting are two-way streets. You do not need to create your own posts to communicate with customers. If you see other posts online that may be relevant, leave a comment.

Update Neighborhood Groups

For hyper local businesses, you may be able to reach customers in your immediate area through apps or groups like Nextdoor or your local neighborhood association’s website. This may be helpful for businesses like local restaurants that are offering delivery just within a specific radius.


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