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Finding the Perfect Shade of Foundation

Finding the Perfect Shade of Foundation!


Finding the perfect shade of foundation is sometimes frustrating. These tips will help you easily identify a perfect match.

Tip One

Wear the right clothes. Yes, you read that correctly. The blouse or tee you wear will affect how your complexion looks. Skip white or red based tops if you are going to be testing. The reason is the milky hue of white tends to lighten your face, and rosy tones of red may make you appear pinker than you are. Gray is the great neutral choice. Believe me I have worn a variety of top colors and gray is perfect. Also, visit the cosmetic counter without any foundation.

Tip Two

Discover your skin undertones. I have spoken about this tip for many years and have shown countless people their correct undertones. Turn over your wrist and look at the veins. If they appear blue or purple, you are considered a cool undertone. If the veins are blue green, you are neutral, and if they are more of an olive shade, you are warm. Another hint of your undertones is turn over your hand and place it against a white piece of paper. Look at the inside. If you have a blue-gray look to your skin, then again you are cool, and if the underside of your hand is more of a peach-melon, you are warm.

Tip Three

Know where to test the foundation. Having no foundation on your face, apply a few different shades in lines on your cheekbone and at the base of your jawline. If possible, step outside and look in a mirror to see which ones are most undetected. Try one color on one side of your face and another on the other side of your face. Select the one that shows best, remove the other color, and replace with a different shade.

Remember foundation is like paint. As it dries, it may oxidize and get a bit darker. Let the foundation sit on your face for several minutes before making a final decision on shade.

There are a lot of cosmetic companies that will let you take a small sample(s) to try the ones that you like the best. This will give you the opportunity to try a few of them in a variety of different lights, both indoor and outdoor. Also remember that if you live in a climate that offers four seasons, you may need to change your foundation in winter and summer.

Enjoy searching for your foundation.


Until next month,


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