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Greetings and Welcome to the Holiday Season!


Here it comes…racing at us…the holiday season. The phrase brings visions of sugarplums, parties, and visits with family and friends. It can also bring tired feet; hours spent shopping for the “perfect gift”, or loneliness and depression for some. Were we not just enjoying BBQ on the grill for summer? I have already received several “hold the date” invitations for December events. Oh my, the stress levels are rising!

Stress will rise as we decide which parties to attend, what gifts to buy, and yes, who will need to put up with Aunt Susie again this year….where are my Tums? Let’s make a list (and check it twice) of techniques and strategies to help us manage the season. Please add to the list so we can all enjoy a delightful and maybe even a less stressful holiday season.

• Learn to say “no” so you do not over commit yourself.
• Tap into your natural creativity and create a hand-made gift.
• Create realistic expectations–do not try and make this the “perfect” holiday (even Jimmy Stewart did not have the perfect holiday until the end).
• Get a massage…better yet; go with your partner or a friend.
• Laugh and do it often.
• Enjoy something “fun” for a day. Sneak off to the beach or go to the ice skating rink (had to make sure I had something to offer the different geographic locations of my readers).
• Exercise, get enough rest, and eat healthy…only sample those delicious desserts sparingly.
• Create a new holiday tradition that builds connections among your family and friends.
• Reflect on the deeper meaning and spirit of the holidays for you and your family.

What does this approach to the holidays and lessening the stresses have to do with image and brand? The snapshot that you provide to others during your daily experiences does not take time off during the holidays. People really don’t want to hear about all of your “issues” and having them see you stressed doesn’t flatter you.

So, be as “brilliant” as the twinkling lights of the season are and your image will continue to shine!

Happy Beginning of the 2018 Holiday Season to everyone!


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