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Can you Believe...Celebrating my Twenty-Fourth Year of Consulting! June 1st I celebrated twenty-four years of owning my consulting firm! If anyone would have told me... Read More

Finding the Perfect Shade of Foundation Finding the perfect shade of foundation can be very frustrating. Did you know that wearing the right color top when you are shopping for foundation has either a positive or negative impact on the outcome? Check out these three tips and find out how y... Read More

Time to Reorganize During this most unusual time in our history, most of us have extra time on our hands. it is a perfect time to think about reorganizing your life, make new goals and objectives. Answer five questions to help reorganize. You will enjoy the process, th... Read More

Culture, Check it out Before Accepting a New Job The culture of an organization is really important for your happiness and success. Join me as we explore why it is important and how to find about it before accepting a new job. Read More

What REALLY is Personal Image and Brand? What REALLY is personal image and brand? This blog is one that I post this time each year since 2009. I hope you will find it inspiring and motivational. Read More

Happy New Year 2020 and My Resolution I am selecting a word this year to make my focus, check out the idea and see if it is something you might find of interest. Read More

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! The holidays are upon us, hard to believe. This year has flown by; however, let 's enjoy every minute of the next few weeks before they slip away. It has been a pleasure bringing you my monthly blogs! Read More

Holidays, Protocol, and Personal Brand The holidays are fast approaching, and it will be yet another opportunity to showcase your personal brand. Check out the 13 tips that Nyda has for you, enjoy the holidays! Read More

Time of Change...Behaviors and Your Image Are bad habits lessening your image and brand? It is time to take a look and see if you have any "bad habits" that you need to eliminate. Fall is a time of change and a perfect opportunity to get in on your image. Read More

Portrait of a Leader When you think of a leader, what words come to mind? Being a leader is different from being a manager, how? A survey produced in INC. magazine asked the question of company founders of the top 500 US companies “how would you characterize your leaders... Read More

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