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Time of Change...Behaviors and Your Image Are bad habits lessening your image and brand? It is time to take a look and see if you have any "bad habits" that you need to eliminate. Fall is a time of change and a perfect opportunity to get in on your image. Read More

Portrait of a Leader When you think of a leader, what words come to mind? Being a leader is different from being a manager, how? A survey produced in INC. magazine asked the question of company founders of the top 500 US companies “how would you characterize your leaders... Read More

Broken Window Syndrome What is the "broken window syndrome? Join in the discussion as we discover the link between broken windows in buildings and broken windows in image and brand. Read More

We are Roasting in Florida! Let’s review several tips and techniques for staying “cool, calm, and collected” during the steamy summer months. Read More

Red Shoes Go with Anything! Red Shoes project power, confidence and energy, wear them with anything! Read More

Move from Impossibility Thinker to Possibility Thinker! Move From Impossibility Thinker to Possibility Thinker! We have explored the Impossibility Thinker who make swift, sweeping passes over a proposed idea, scanning it with a sharp negative eye, looking only for the distasteful aspects. They look for r... Read More

What Type of Thinker Are You? Continued… Greeting! Last month we explored an impossibility thinker. This month let’s explore a possibility thinker. Possibility Thinkers resemble the hummingbird that looks for and finds honey, often in the most unlikely and unthinkable places. The Po... Read More

What Type of Thinker Are You? What Type of Thinker Are You? This month and next we will explore what type of thinker you are. Are you an impossibility thinker or a possibility thinker? I am sure you will find yourself in one or these examples and probably you know someone in eac... Read More

My New Year’s Resolution…One Word Happy New Year! I stopped having New Year resolutions many years ago; however, this year I am making one. The idea began when our church was designing a new communication venue, The Leaf magazine. The Leaf is the first table top magazine for the ch... Read More

Managing Stressors…How Effective are You? Managing Stressors I don’t know about you, but life seems to have more stressors than in years past. I am sure there are a host of reasons for this, but how we respond to those stressors impacts your image and brand. It is 5:30pm and I have b... Read More

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